Actual Patients

Body Contouring

Extensive research and testing has shown that this non-invasive system is useful for the reduction of targeted fat deposits and for the tightening of skin

Painless and Effective

The Exilis procedure is painless, requiring no anesthesia. The treatment is fast and effective. Just as we use the most advanced technology for tattoo removal in Orange County, we use state of the art Exilis system for non-invasive body contouring. You are sure to be pleased with the results.

Wrinkle Reduction

The Exilis device is FDA cleared in the United States for the non-invasive treatment of wrinkles and rhytids. The features of this device allows it to be the quickest and fastest contouring solution.

Advanced Technology

Like our advanced technology for laser hair removal in Orange County, our Exilis system offers a significant technological advance in Radio Frequency aesthetic treatment. It can access and treat tissue that is resistant to other methods. This system by Exilis features an exclusive technology delivers maximum thermal effect to tissue in the shortest time while ensuring safety, comfort and control.

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Non-Invasive Fat REMOVAL In One Treatment

Dr. Rubaum has tried almost every non-invasive fat removing device on the market and has developed a technique called "FatAway" using a best FDA Approved devices to achieve amazing results. The "FatAway" technique gets rid of fat anywhere on your body by freezing it or Melting it using radio frequency technology to liquefy and tighten your skin.