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Laser Hair Removal in Orange County

Laser Hair Removal has come a long way since the invention of the laser in the 1960’s. SKIN LASER AND BODY has invested in the most advanced Laser Hair Removal technology available, using the MeDioStar NeXT laser by Asclepion. What does this mean for you?

Cooling -

Skin is cooled at 8x the level of most other lasers available today. Why is this important? With this level of cooling the sensation of a rubber band snapping is minimized even more! Your Laser Hair Removal experience at SKIN LASER AND BODY is exactly what you would expect, comfortable!

Speed -

The MeDioStarNeXT is 30% to 40% faster than its predecessor. Full legs will usually take only 20 minutes. Our staff is experienced and trained by both the manufacturer and our practicing physician.