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Tattoo removal isn’t at all easy. One of the reasons you see so many bad tattoo removals around is because most of the old-style methods used are pretty much ineffective. They turn old tattoos into ugly, ridiculous blobs. They’re slow, they’re painful, they’re annoying, and they really don’t deliver the sort of remedial work you need.

These old-style methods have been around, failing miserably, for years. The main reason is that tattoo inks are very tough. They’re high quality inks, with very strong pigments. They’re designed for long life. They don’t just go away.

Usual treatments include manual removal, which is long painful and delivers what could be politely called “mixed results”. The other option is chemical removal, which is also long and usually futile, a common cause of nasty-looking results.

Over 300,000 laser tattoo treatments performed.

Industry Leader in Fast Laser Tattoo Removal.

if you are in the Orange County area and looking for a way of getting rid of tattoos, talk to us.

We have the very latest tattoo removal equipment. Our lasers are extremely reliable, deliver excellent results, and better still- They actually work!

Pay as you go...

One treatment...cost $100 for small tattoo


Medlite C6 Laser work completely differently to the old methods. They essentially dissolve and fade the pigments, systematically removing tattoos. These lasers are quick and painless, getting good results.

They’re designed to manage tattoo pigments, too. Did you know that the yellow tattoo pigments are the hardest to remove? They’re different pigments to the other colors, very stubborn. The Medlite C6 can handle them where other types of treatment can’t.

Medlite C6 Laser heat the tattoo pigments, breaking them down and making them easy for the body to remove from the skin. No mess, no long ordeals- and no unsanitary treatments, either. Medlite C6 lasers are extremely hygienic, reducing the risk of skin irritation and skin infections to and absolute minimum.

Our laser tattoo removal services

Our Medlite C6 Laser tattoo removal treatments are carried out by qualified skin care professionals. These laser tattoo removals are medical procedures, and we don’t take risks with your health.

When you come to see us, we’ll organize and map out a treatment plan. We’ll fit in with your schedule, too. The Revlite laser sessions only take minutes, not hours. You can get your treatments whenever you want.